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Rumour Confirmed

Addresses accidentally released

The Privacy Commissioner has been forced to apologise after the email addresses of more than 300 people were accidentally released.

Rumour File

Arrest at Highpoint

Special Operations Group arrested a man at Highpoint Shopping Centre last night.

Victoria Police have confirmed a man was arrested at Highpoint Shopping Centre last night.


Dispute over cow's 'meal'

A farmer and a golf course are headed for the courts after a cow needed surgery after eating two stray golf balls.


41 fans kicked out

Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose (left) and guitarist Slash perform at the MCG on Tuesday night.

41 Guns N Roses fans were ejected from the MCG on Tuesday night, with four people charged by police.

Guns N' Roses special guest

AC/DC's Angus Young joins Guns N' Roses on stage in Melbourne.


Teacher's amazing record

A primary school teacher in Victoria's northwest is working alongside six of his former pupils.


Hawkins' surprise wedding

Doug Hawkins.

Doug Hawkins has held a surprise wedding for his daughter Leah at his Bacchus Marsh home.


Specialist school break in

A children's specialist school was broken into three times over the weekend with over a dozen bikes stolen.


Norwegian Star failure

The Norwegian Star.

3AW Breakfast is told a broken down cruise ship had mechanical issues before it departed Melbourne.


Guns N Roses' guest

Angus Young of AC/DC in Ohio in 2016.

Angus Young looks set to join Guns N Roses on stage in Australia.

Pop star mural

A shrine to international superstar Beyoncé has popped up overnight in Melbourne's inner north.

Rumour Confirmed

Truck crushes Bartel's car

A car belonging to former AFL star Jimmy Bartel has been "completely totalled" while he's overseas on holiday.

Rumour Confirmed

Police make dramatic arrest

Police have dramatically arrested a man in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

Rumour Confirmed

McDonald's robbed at Laverton

A McDonald's worker has been punched in the face during an armed robbery at Laverton.

Rumour Confirmed

Cabs to block Bolte Bridge

Victorian taxi drivers are poised to cause chaos on Melbourne's roads on Monday.

Rumour File

Teens run riot in park

An "out of control" group of up to 30 teenagers caused havoc in Melbourne's west on Saturday night.


Teen suspended over beer

Brianna Travers   A school boy from one of Melbourne's elite private school has been suspended from his rowing team for buying a beer.

Rumour File

AFL twist to car thefts

3AW Breakfast has been told a handful of Essendon players had their cars stolen during a burglary.


Bowls club break in

Brianna Travers   A Bayside bowls club has become the latest victim of Melbourne's crime wave.

Rumour File

Last drinks for historic pub

An iconic Brunswick pub will serve drinks for the final time on April 2. However, it's not ALL bad news for drinkers!

rumour confirmed

Man, 50, left with serious injuries after home invasion in Woori Yallock

The man needed 30 stitches to his skull.

A 50-year-old man has been allegedly bashed following a violent home invasion at his home in Woori Yallock on the weekend.

Police investigate after body found at Doncaster Shopping Centre

Police remain at the scene this morning.

Police are at the scene after a body was found at Doncaster Shopping Centre.

PM's controversial donation

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull addressing the National Press Club.

After months of questioning, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has revealed he donated $1.75 million to cash-strapped Liberal Party during the 2016 federal election campaign.

rumour confirmed

An unlikely find for lost ring

Emma Edge managed to find her ring with the help of a friendly stranger.

An engagement ring lost on a beach near Torquay has turned up in the most unlikely of circumstances.

rumour confirmed

Quick-thinking heroes save man drowing in surf

The man was saved by a number of good samaritans.

A hero's quick thinking actions may have saved the life of a man who was drowning at Gunnamatta beach.

Rumour Confirmed

Emu dies after 'arrest'

An emu has died after being crash-tackled and "arrested" by police.

Rumour Confirmed

Man chases home invader

A Werribee man has described how he chased an alleged burglar, thought to be as young as 12, from his home.

Rumour Confirmed

Celebrations turn ugly

Australia Day celebrations turned ugly at Williamstown on Thursday night.

Another shopping centre attack

Details have emerged of yet another disturbing attack on a teen at a shopping centre.

Rumour confirmed

Reptiles, pup stolen from pet store

A number of reptiles were stolen from the Hare Street store.

A number of reptiles and a puppy have been stolenfrom the Echuca Pet Shop in an early morning raid.

Rumour Confirmed

African group attacks teens

Police have released images.

A group of more than half-a-dozen teens of African descent have attacked and bashed boys at Highpoint.

rumour file

Brown water bill captures imagination

An example of the brown water bill.

Don't be alarmed if you receive a brown water bill, it's all part of the job.


Cars stolen from factory

Toyota's Altona factory.

Details have emerged of an elaborate Christmas theft of more than a dozen cars from the Toyota factory in Melbourne.

Rumour Confirmed

Sneaky snake hard to snatch

A Williamstown woman is living in fear, sharing her home with a deadly snake.

Rumour File

Phone explodes mid-flight

Ross and John find out more about phones exploding into flames on planes.

What's in a name?

Justin and Kate speak with "Fugly McHideous" about his surf swims.


Home gutted by rogue ember

Strathmore home gutted.

A northern suburbs home was gutted after the next door neighbour's BBQ sent embers flying over the fence.

Pet's ashes found on beach

Woman leading the search for owners of a dogs's ashes found on Melbourne beach.

Moving the iconic Castle

The owner of 3 Dagonet St wants to demolish it or have it moved to make way for townhouses.

The iconic house from the The Castle could be on its way to New South Wales.


Burger bar vandalised

8-Bit Burgers at Footscray was vandalised at the weekend.

A popular burger chain in Melbourne's inner west has been vandalised with graffiti as well as having its windows and doors smashed.


House on the edge of collapse

'Humpty Dumpty' told 3AW a troubled building site in the eastern suburbs has had one of the townhouses begin to collapse into the pit.


Judge Burns the horse

John Burns (left) and Judge Burns (right). Their likeness is uncanny!

A horse racing on Friday evening in Melbourne's south east is named after a 3AW Breakfast favourite.


Delivery driver injured

A delivery driver, who caught thieves rummaging through his truck, was left grazed after trying to stop them.

Man flees police after arrest

A man has allegedly fled from police on foot after a delay in putting him in the back of a police van.


Hot Cross Buns hit the shelves

Hot Cross Buns hit the shelves...

It still feels like Christmas, but that didn't stop Woolworths from selling the traditional Hot Cross Buns more than 100 days before Easter.


McDonalds brawl

Innocent bystanders have been caught in the middle of a wild brawl involving as many as 40 youths.

Rumour confirmed

Lara property raided

It's believed a number of dogs were scratched yesterday as a result.

A property near Geelong that's believed to be connected to a disqualified greyhound trainer has been raided.


New Rod Laver statue

A bronze statue of Rod Laver to be erected at Rod Laver arena.

'Bronzed Aussie' told 3AW Breakfast about a new statue of a famous sportsman to be shortly unveiled at a sporting stadium in Melbourne.


Reindeer bares all

A Christmas display in Fountain Gate has shown that the reindeer is definitely a boy!


Rumour File winner crowned!

Ricky Ponting with the lucky winner!

Congratulations to "Home Run" on winning this year's Rumour File draw!

Rumour Confirmed

Premiership jumper handed back

The family of recently departed Richmond centreman Bill Barrot have been given back his 1969 premiership jumper.

Rumour Confirmed

Jimmy Bartel joins 3AW

Jimmy Bartel has been one of the most versatile and highly-decorated players in the history of the Geelong Cats.

Jimmy Bartel is joining 3AW Football in 2017.

Rumour Confirmed

Beggars 'back in 15'

Homelessness in Melbourne's CBD has become so prevalent, beggars have begun leaving "back soon" signs where they're set up.

Rumour Confirmed

Geoff Walsh returns to Pies

Geoff Walsh has returned to Collingwood after Ross Stevenson revealed it on The Rumour File.

Rumour Confirmed

Auctioneer swallows fly

A Melbourne auctioneer has been stopped in his tracks after swallowing a fly mid-auction.

rumour confirmed

Madeleine's royal treatment

Madeleine is one of 60 young people who will meet the Queen next year.

An enterprising young Melbourne CEO will meet Queen Elizabeth II next year.

Rumour File

Williamstown RSL set to close

The Williamstown RSL.

The struggling Williamstown RSL will close its doors in January.


Lara station hero

24-year-old train driver Darcy Hutchinson helped save the life of man at Lara Station.

A Deer Park woman has taken to social media to hunt for the hero that saved her uncle's life.


Ex-AFL player hero tradie

Ex-Collingwood player Kyle Martin helped people during the Springvale attack.

One of the Springvale hero tradies has been confirmed as ex-AFL player Kyle Martin.

Rumour Confirmed

Student contracts tuberculosis

Students at a Melbourne school have been tested for tuberculosis after a student became infected.

Rumour File

Dog stolen at Lilydale show

A farm dog has been brazenly stolen at the Lilydale show. Ross and John spoke with his owner.

Rumour Confirmed

Greg Miles calls it a day

Greg Miles is retiring.

The voice of horse racing in Victoria has called his 36th and final Melbourne Cup.

Rumour File

Cam's marriage proposal

3AW Breakfast wants to find out whether a marriage proposal sprayed on a Melbourne laneway was successful.


Lost locket found

Do you know the owner of the locket?

During a spring clean, workers at the Junortoun General Store found an antique locket and now are desperate to find the owner.

Rumour Confirmed

Rex to return to 3AW!

Yibbida Yibbida, that's NOT all folks. Rex Hunt is returning to 3AW!


AFL clothing sponsor in receivership

Sports clothing company signed by St Kilda has gone into receivership only a week after signing a three-year deal with the club.

Rumour File

New 'kick-in' crime trend

Don't have a security screen on your front door? You might want to get one...

Rumour File update

Apple store set for Fed Square

3AW Breakfast's Rumour File has struck again. Apple is poised to set up shop at Federation Square.

Rumour Confirmed

Gun club broken into

The Peninsula Pistol Club was broken into last week

The Rumour File has confirmed the Peninsula Pistol Club was broken into on Thursday night last week.

Bushfire air support goes bust

The Erickson Aircrane battles a blaze in Victoria.

The company that supplies Australia with crucial air support during the bushfire season has filed for bankruptcy in the US.

Kekovich and friend, Trump

Donald Trump and Sam Kekovich

"PARTY IN THE USA" told The Rumour File a well-known Australian will be invited to Donald Trump's inauguration.


Tomahawk lockdown

A man armed with a tomahawk threw a country pub into lockdown for more than three hours.


No more midnight mass

No more midnight mass.

A large Melbourne cathedral will not be holding its traditional midnight mass this year.

Rumour Confirmed

AFP investigates radio hack

More than a dozen unauthorised radio transmissions have been made with aircraft at Melbourne and Avalon airports.


Gangs storm Officeworks

 Officeworks store.

It's been revealed four Officeworks stores across Melbourne were hit by thieves on Saturday.


Police walk in on burglary

Police have confirmed the alleged aggravated burglary.

Police have stumbled across a burglary during a routine run to the Forensic Centre.


Jockey wins six races

Cutting back: Apprentice jockey Harry Coffey.

RUMOUR CONFIRMED | "COFFEE MACHINE" told 3AW Breakfast a jockey at a country meet rode not one, not two but SIX winners.

Aussie football history

One hundred years ago today, two teams of Australian soldiers played an Australian Rules football match in London.


Armed robbery witnessed

Rumour File: Witness tells of armed robbery at Chelsea Heights service station.


If you can't beat them...

Independent supermarket changes their name to match their competitors.

Anger over tree removal

 229 trees next to the Beaumaris high school are to be removed.

Julian Price   More than 200 trees are expected to be cut down to build new classrooms at a south-east high school.

Rumour File

Rumour File strikes again...

It's the most-listened-to segment of Australia's highest-rating radio show and it's had another week to remember.

Rumour Confirmed

Council candidate in hot water

A Melton City Council candidate is under police investigation over questionable images posted on Facebook.

Rumour Confirmed

Assault at school fundraiser

A Trinity Grammar student was allegedly bashed and had his nose broken by a student from another elite school on Saturday night.

The $3000 sausage

A man has paid $3000 for a sausage at a Brunswick Street market.


Berwick burglary

Rumour File: Police investigating an aggravated burglary in Berwick on Thursday night.


Failed driving test

Learner driver, believed to be going for her driver's license, barely made it out of Vic Roads before she hit another car!


Frankston pub altercation

Man arrested and a bar staff member injured following an altercation at a Frankston pub last week.


MP directs traffic for 40 mins

Craig Ondarchie.

Rumour confirmed: MP Craig Ondarchie directed traffic for 40 minutes to help an injured cyclist.


Milk bar raided

It happened at a milk bar just like this one.

A group of youths raided a milk bar yesterday night in Melbourne's northern suburbs.


Sting's Grand payout

Sting performed at the 2016 AFL Grand Final.

Sting reportedly paid a whopping $1.2m Aussie dollars for his Grand Final performance.

Rumour Confirmed

Bulldog ban overturned!

UPDATE: The decision to drop Sid The Bulldog for the Grand Final has been overturned.

Police investigate shooting

Police are investigating following reports of shots fired in Camberwell on Monday night.

Rumour Confirmed

Hot hippo pinched

Hip Hop!

A much-loved mascot from a childcare centre has been brazenly stolen.

Rumour File

Bachy blockbuster at MCG!?

The picture sent through of the big screen.

Friday night's blockbuster between Hawthorn and the Western Bulldogs won't the be the only big final played at the MCG this week...

World's best paella

Snail and rabbit paella has won a South Melbourne Spanish eatery the prize for world's best paella, outside of Spain.


48 hours off the beat

Up to six police officers were pulled out of action for two days to attend to a prisoner who removed his own stitches.

Rumour Confirmed

Gun found at St Vinnies

A gun has been found inside a box of shoes donated to charity.