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Fresh allegations and anger as Don Burke speaks out

A flood of fresh accusations have emerged against former TV star Don Burke, with Olympic champion Susie O’Neill among those who have come forward.

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In an interview on Channel Nine’s A Current Affair last night, Burke strongly denied sexually harassing former colleagues, but admitted to some behaviour that may have been construed as bullying.

“I’m a perfectionist that drove people very hard, and … there’s clearly — when you look at the people that are complaining now — there’s a lot of people that don’t like me, and they can’t all be wrong,” he said.

But he went on to explain his behaviour as a symptom of Asperger’s syndrome, for which he has never been diagnosed.

​”I can look into the lens, but I have difficulty looking at people in the eye,” he told Tracy Grimshaw . “I missed the body language and the subtle signs that people give you. I don’t see that.

“I suffer from a terrible problem with that. Not seeing. No one can understand how you can’t see it. But you don’t.”