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Geelong gives fresh update on Jack Steven, who’s recovering in hospital

Geelong has thrown its support behind gun recruit Jack Steven after he was hospitalised on Saturday night.

The 30-year-old is recovering from a suspected stab wound to the chest.

His injury is not life-threatening.

Steven is yet to tell police how it happened.

“Obviously it’s being investigated by the police at the moment, so we’ve got to be very careful not to speculate and make assumptions,” Geelong footy boss Simon Lloyd said in a statement.

“Really at the moment the focus is on health and support for Jack.

“Our medical team have spoken to the trauma doctors at the Alfred and where he received the injury was under the right thoracic, so in his chest.

“Jack’s very lucky as we speak. He’s recovering, he doesn’t require any further operation or exploratory surgery so that’s a real positive in what is not great circumstances.”

Lloyd said the Cats’ sole focus was on Steven’s health.

“We’re not even thinking about that (a training return) at this present point in time. For us, we just really need to focus on his health and wellbeing,” he said.

“Since he’s arrived at the Geelong football Club he hasn’t missed a beat and he’s training really well and he’s been in great spirits and he’s really popular as I said.

“Really now we need to give him the space that he needs during this point in time and hopefully he does have a quick recovery and then we’ll assess where we go from there.

“Jack comes from a very tight knit family, he has his mum and dad around him at the moment, he has his partner and his siblings as well.

“He has a lot of support, there’s a lot of love, care and support for him at this present point in time.”

(Photo by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images)