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Gerard Healy says Gillon McLachlan should heed one of Ross Lyon’s famous quotes

Gerard Healy says AFL boss Gillon McLachlan would do well to follow one of Ross Lyon’s more famous quotes when it comes to commenting on on-field matters.

“Let the cobblers do the cobbling.”

The Sportsday host said McLachlan had created too many issues for the league in recent weeks by weighing in on on-field issues.

“Too often when Gillon gets involved in the on-field machinations, particularly on radio, he muddies the waters,” Healy said on 3AW.

“Two weeks ago, he inflamed the Anzac Day umpires drama by giving an opinion, alienating senior umpires to such a degree that Shaun Ryan went public.

“On Saturday, in an effort to support a junior umpire and no doubt try and avoid another issue with the umpiring fraternity, he again got it wrong, supporting the umpire without actually knowing the rule.

“Today, Dane Rampe got a fine.”

Healy said McLachlan should “defer” to footy operations boss Steve Hocking when it came to the league’s view on football incidents.

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