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‘Get tough now!’: Neil Mitchell calls for total Easter lockdown

There are promising signs that Victoria’s coronavirus shutdown is curbing the spread of COVID-19, but the virus risk remains.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the Easter long weekend will be “incredibly important” in determining the trajectory COVID-19 takes in Australia.

Neil Mitchell says it’s time to strengthen lockdown restrictions to ensure we don’t derail our progress in the fight against coronavirus.

“Get tough for Easter!,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“All the experts say Easter is a very dangerous time.

“If the idiots go out and party over Easter we could have a whole new surge, we could head towards that disaster that the government modelling has been talking about.”

Neil called for all businesses except for supermarkets, pharmacies and medical surgeries to shut up shop over the long weekend.

“Make Easter tough for the idiots,” he said.

“Close everything and tell people not to leave the house unless essential.

“We are told this lockdown is our main weapon. We are told it’s working but it is under threat by the Easter idiots. So get tough.

“I know that’s rough on everybody who is doing the right thing and it’s rough on some of the businesses, but if we can’t trust the idiots, what other way is there?”

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