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Gillon McLachlan responds to caller’s plea about state of the AFL

in studio with neil mitchell

AFL boss Gillon McLachlan says a legal case being pushed against him and former chairman Mike Fitzpatrick “seems like a waste of money”.

McLachlan may be cross-examined in court about comments made during the Essendon supplements scandal.

Speaking on 3AW, McLachlan sought to clarify what the case was about.

“The Essendon issue is closed –  this is an individual who has got a grievance about comments made in the media,” he told Neil Mitchell.

McLachlan said he “hadn’t thought about it” too much.

“It seems like a lot of wasted money to me, Neil, but anyway, it’ll play out,”

“It’s against me individually and not related to the Essendon case.

“I know the Essendon footy club and players and others just want to move on.”

The league’s chief executive went on to respond to a plea from caller Joan about the state of the game.

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in studio with neil mitchell