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‘Godzilla government’: Treasurer defends paying public service $70 million per day

Treasurer Tim Pallas is defending the boost in wages for public sector workers, saying it’s all part of a growing Victoria.

Yesterday’s budget revealed taxpayers will fork out more than $25 billion for government wages in 2018/19.

Neil Mitchell: That’s up more than 10 per cent, and nearly $70 million per day. It’s Godzilla government.

Mr Pallas told Neil Mitchell the former Coalition government is to blame.

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“This is a government picking up the pieces of the wreckage we inherited.”

Mr Pallas said much of the public service growth was in essential services such as nurses.

But he deflected questions about the size of the Premier’s staff.

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Neil: “I’m told the Premier’s got 80 staff in his personal office, is that right?”

Mr Pallas: “I don’t know, I haven’t counted them, Neil.”

Neil: “Well if it has it’s more than the Prime Minister’s got.”

Mr Pallas: “And he’s doing a much better job than the Prime Minister, might I add.”

Neil: “Could that be right? 80 people?”

Mr Pallas: “I don’t know.”

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