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Gold Coast coach says clubs can’t be ‘too precious’ about quarantine hub proposal

Gold Coast coach Stuart Dew says the AFL’s clubs, players and coaches can’t be “too precious” about the prospect of spending extended time away from home, if it means getting the season rolling again.

The AFL is canvassing a range of different ideas at present, one of which would involve quarantining teams in a specific city so they could play games while Australia’s coronavirus restrictions are in place.

It’s been met with mixed reaction.

“I don’t think we should be too precious about it and if that’s the situation put in front of us, then let’s play it,” Dew told 3AW.

He said they “owed it to the game” to explore every possibility.

“The game has been very good to all of us that are involved in the game over many years, some longer than others, but I think if the health and safety element is all ticked off, then I think we do owe it to the game, as well, that if there’s an opportunity to play these games … not only for the players and everyone involved, but also for the wider community, then I think we’d be mad not to look at it, as long as it’s all ticked off from a health side of things,” Dew said.

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