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Gone to ground: Dan and his Ministers just keep cancelling public appearances today…


The Victorian Government appears to have gone to ground, cancelling a number of public appearances on the same day as a police investigation into the Labor Party’s alleged fraud heats up.

Neil Mitchell’s 3AW Mornings program has counted as many as six no-shows from Ministers today.

Among the cancellations was Premier Dan Andrews pulling the pin on a school visit in his electorate.

Parents received a text message at 8.45am saying his visit was cancelled because the Premier had been called away on “urgent government business”.

Also missing in action today:

  • Jaala Pulford (Agriculture and Regional Development Minister), who was meant to be at Horsham at 11.45am
  • Luke Donnellan (Roads Minister) was meant to be in Ballarat speaking on road barriers
  • Ben Carroll (Minister for Industry and Employment) was  meant to be in Bungaree at 9.30am
  • Mr Carroll was meant to attend a second event at Castlemaine at 11.30am
  • James Merlino (Deputy Leader) was supposed to make two education announcements, one in Churchill and the other at Wonthaggi

3AW understands all events are going ahead, but the ministers won’t attend.