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Government shelves new foreign licence rules

The Victorian government has shelved new rules regarding foreign licences, presumably due to the coronavirus crisis.

Earlier this year, 3AW Mornings received several complaints from frustrated parents of learner drivers who were being forced to wait weeks, if not months, to secure a driving test.

The backlog at VicRoads was due to a new law that meant anybody with an overseas licence had to get a Victorian one within six months of living here.

“I think that’s an excellent idea, but it meant a huge backlog,” Neil Mitchell said.

Then the virus hit.

All driving tests were cancelled from March 25.

Computer-based testing has also been suspended.

3AW Mornings noticed at the weekend the government had “quietly” opted to push back those new rules another 12 months.

“In one way, it’s a good thing, because maybe more learners will get an appointment,” Neil Mitchell said.

“But in another, it’s a bad thing, because it means for another year we’ll be putting up with drivers on the roads, some of whom shouldn’t be on the road because they’re using foreign licences.”

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