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Greens Councillor calls for official state flag to be replaced with Eureka flag

The Victorian State flag should be replaced with the Eureka flag, according to one Greens Councillor, in homage to one of Australia’s most important events.

Yarra City Councillor and Lead candidate of the Victorian socialists party, Cr Stephen Jolly told Tom Elliott the current flag, with a crown above the Southern Cross, is archaic.

“I mean it precedes even the creation of Australia and less than three per cent of Victorians were born in the UK,” Cr Jolly said.

“Personally I would like to see the Eureka flag, even Robert Menzies described the Eureka Stockade as one of the cradles of democracy in Australia.”

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Tom found himself in two minds about the idea.

“I don’t mind celebrating our British origins,” he said.

“I find myself disagreeing and agreeing with you.”