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Grunt the pig to walk the streets of Wangaratta again

Image: Facebook @GruntTheePig

Much loved Wangaratta pig, Grunt, is set to be allowed to walk the streets again.

Matthew Evans, Grunt’s owner, has struck a deal with council, allowing him to walk the pig on a lead on some council footpaths.

It comes after the Wangaratta council banned the pig from council land a fortnight ago, amid fears he could be dangerous due to his weight.

Mr Evans was warned he could be hit with an $806 fine if the pig was caught on council land.

Mr Evans has now been told he will be soon able to walk Grunt, who weighs 300 kilograms, in restricted areas.

“Outside of the CBD is basically the place that we can walk. I’m fine with that,” he told Neil Mitchell.

But the deal isn’t yet finalised.

“The deal isn’t done yet, we have to make sure that I won’t get caught up on a technicality,” Mr Evans said.

“We’ve got to wait for the wheels of government to get to us.”

Mr Evans said Grunt is “getting a littly antsy” from being confined at home.

Grunt’s plight made it to parliament, when Member for Northern Victoria, Tim Quilty, publicly supported the pig in the Victorian Legislative Council.

A petition to get the pig back on the streets was also signed by more than 3000 people.

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