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Hampton Park resident says he called police three times about stolen car and nothing was done

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The Hampton Park crash overnight which saw four teens hospitalised, including a 15-year-old in a critical condition, would not have happened if police had acted on any of the three calls made to authorities, a local resident claims.

Michael Pawelek, who lives nearby told Neil Mitchell, the car was doing burnouts in the park opposite his house in the days leading up to the crash.

He says called Triple Zero, the local police and Crimestoppers only to be told “they were quite busy and they would investigate whenever they can”

“The second time was the following day, throughout the night we could hear burnouts and you could hear around the tight streets you could hear it hooning around,” Michael said.

“I told Narre Warren police station, they said unless I have the registration number they can’t attend because they are too busy investigating serious crime.

“Crimestoppers then said if I can’t provide a registration number they can’t help me unless I have the driver’s full name and residential address.

“And that another option is I can tell them the exact time and location the vehicle will be hooning next so they can make sure a Highway Patrol vehicle is present.”

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“You’ve rung Triple Zero, the local police and Crimestoppers and they’ve all given you nonsense like that??” Neil said.

“They all gave me nonsense,” he replied.

“Nobody has called me back, except for your team Neil.”

“The police are appealing for information, and you’ve got information,” Neil said.

“It’s obvious isn’t it, if the police had acted the first time, the second time or even the third time Michael called you might not have a 15-year-old in hospital in a critical condition, or worse could have happened.

“The crash could have been stopped if someone had have listened to Michael.”