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“He was repeatedly punching her in the head”: Bystander goes to female paramedic’s aid after attack

Bystanders have come to the aid of two paramedics who were attacked in the back of their ambulance, attending a drug-affected man they were trying to help.

It’s believed the 21-year-old had returned from the drug-fuelled Rainbow Serpent festival, and had begun wandering into people’s houses in Coburg.

Ivan Saric (pictured) told Neil Mitchell the man had wandered into his neighbour’s home, who subsequently got him back out on the street and called an ambulance.

The ambulance was about to leave when Ivan and his neighbour James heard screaming.

“We heard almighty screams out the back of the ambulance,” Ivan said.

“Then bangs and thuds.

“We were quite terrified, we didn’t know what he had done but we ran over to help them.

“He had the female paramedic in a headlock and he was repeatedly punching her in the head.

“I have never seen anything like that.”

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Ivan and James pinned the man down until police and extra paramedics arrived.

“This guy should one, not to drugs, and spend a bit of time in jail and have a think about what you’ve done because it’s just not right,” Ivan said.

“Well said,” Neil said.

It’s believed the man remains in hospital, with no charges laid as yet.

Image: Nine News