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How clubs will look to ‘gain an advantage’ before season resumes

Matthew Lloyd says AFL clubs need to be “quite aggressive” at training before the season resumes on June 11.

Lloyd and Gerard Healy shared their thoughts on how clubs could potentially gain an edge over the coming weeks after an extended layoff due to the coronavirus.

Essendon great Lloyd said if he was coaching a club, he’d be training his players “pretty hard” even if it increased the risk of injury.

“I may lose some on the training track, but it’s better at least preparing them here than losing a heap of them on gameday,” Lloyd said.

“I think we’ll see some smashing and blow outs.

“Some teams could be a wreck.”

Healy said he expected the teams that had used the layoff best to stand out in the early rounds of resumption.

“I think the time for advantage has probably passed,” Healy said.

“I reckon the time for advantage was the last six weeks.”

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