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‘How much?!’: Neil Mitchell grills roads minister over his West Gate Tunnel deal

The government is using today’s West Gate gridlock to spruik the virtues of its blocked tunnel project.

Roads Minister Luke Donellan told Neil Mitchell the project will go ahead despite being stopped in the upper house.

But how?

The minister would not be drawn on the what he describes as “multiple pathways” to get the $6.7 project built.

Neil Mitchell also grilled him, to little avail, about how much Transurban will make in the deal, which the Opposition says should have been put to voters at the election.

Neil: How much money do they make out of it?

Mr Donnellan: Well, you know, you’d have to ask them…

Neil: No, no, no — it’s your deal! How much? What deal are you doing with them and how much money do they make out of it?

Mr Donnellan: Well, at the end of the day they will get the tolling revenue and they will make profits out of that.

Neil: How much?!

Mr Donnellan: I don’t have the figure in front of me.

Neil: Well, do you have the figure anywhere? Does the government have the figure?

Mr Donnellan: No.

Neil: No?!

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