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How the 10 postcode lockdown will affect ALL Victorians

Residents in 10 Melbourne postcodes will return to stage three lockdown at 11.59pm tonight, but Neil Mitchell says the lockdown affects ALL Victorians, not just those in the 36 locked down suburbs.

The 3AW Mornings host says it’s “absurd” we’ve ended up in this position, but urged Victorians to rally around those in lockdown.

“We’ve got to help the postcodes in this position and make sure it doesn’t spread any further and reach into the state,” he said.

Neil Mitchell says there are four ways the lockdown will impact ALL Victorians:

  1. There will be anger in the locked down suburbs, there will be rebellion.
  2. There will be large numbers of police used running road blocks and stopping people moving around. That takes them off the street, away from fighting crime for you.
  3. The cost will be enormous, and you’ll pay for that.
  4. It builds resentment between the lockdown suburbs and the rest of the state. It aggravates that social divide.

“For the sake of all of us it’s got to work,” Neil Mitchell said.

“I don’t think the government had any option, I just wish I could trust the Premier to be open and honest with us.”

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