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How to give practical help to our brave health workers

OK, so a lot of us are stuck at home going a little stir-crazy and we shouldn’t complain because lots of others are doing it much worse.

But it does become a little… tedious, right?

Well, mental health experts say one way to keep your spirits high and mind active is to perform acts of kindness.

And what better direction to point your attention than the health workers on the frontline amid this COVID-19 disaster.

(Ten per cent of the people who have contracted the coronavirus in Italy are heath care workers)

Ross and John this morning asked Matiu Bush, a Deputy Director at RMIT, for the best way to do something productive and he pointed the boys straight to Gather My Crew.

“It’s a brilliant, brilliant tool,”  he said.

Gather My Crew allows people to share a list of tasks that need to be completed with friends or neighbours who can tick them off.

“For health care workers it’s brilliant because they’re busy, they’re working more shifts, they need things done,”  Dr Bush said.

“This is a way of nurses and doctors to pull together people … get their crew together to start helping them out.”

Such activities might be as simple as dog-walking, hanging wet clothes or putting out the bins.

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