How we can move the Brownlow away from the midfielders



Leigh Matthews wants to skew the Brownlow Medal away from the stat-getters.

It’s well-documented that the Brownlow is effectively a midfielders’ award, with the last non-mid to win being Scott Wynd way back in 1992.

Leigh said it’s telling that, again, a midfielder like Tom Mitchell is the raging favourite.

Mitchell has racked up 40 or more disposals in more than half of his 20 games this season.

Umpires aren’t supposed to look at stats before handing out the votes, but Lethal told 3AW Football he wonders if that really happens.

He said the Coaches’ Award is better gauge of who’s been the best player all year.

“The coaches are looking at what players are supposed to be doing, and what the opposition’s doing,” Leigh said.

“They go home and look at the vision a couple of times and then do their votes on the Monday.”

Leigh said umpires should be able to re-watch the match before handing out the votes.

AFL spokesman Patrick Keane confirmed umpires do not look at stats before giving out their votes.

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