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‘I came in to talk about organic waste’: Independent MP deflects questions on major road projects

Independent upper house MP for the Western Metropolitan region, Dr Catherine Cumming, voted for the Transurban West Gate Tunnel deal, but she’s foggy on the details.

Neil Mitchell asked Dr Cumming how much revenue the toll operator will earn from the ten year extension to CityLink tolls granted in exchange for $4 billion funding for the West Gate Tunnel, but she couldn’t give a straight answer.

“When it comes to taxes, you pay within your taxes … for the greater community,” she said.

“My decision was around getting infrastructure in the west.

“I’m looking forward to solutions to our traffic problems in the west.”

When Neil Mitchell pressed the point, Dr Cummings changed tack.

“You know, Neil, I came in to talk about organic waste,” she said.

“The way it works here is I ask the questions and I hope you answer them, but you haven’t,” the 3AW Mornings host replied.

Dr Cumming concluded the interview with a bizarre statement about her relationship with Premier Daniel Andrews.

“He is three months older than me.

“We were both born in Williamstown Hospital and his wife is named Catherine, like me,” she said.

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