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“I don’t like making rules for the exception”: Jimmy Bartel not sold on red card system

The desire to lead community standards against violence is what’s behind the AFL’s bid to introduce a red card system as soon as next year.

Former Geelong superstar and Macquarie Sports Radio hos Jimmy Bartel told Ross and John he’s not completely against the idea, just concerned about how it will be executed.

“Will there be someone sitting at the ground or at a bunker at AFL house?” Jimmy said.

“I don’t like when we make rules for the exception.

“You go through the cases, there’s maybe three which stand out over the course of three years.

“The cheap shots have gone away from footy.

“Just look at the coverage after Andrew Gaff clocked Andrew Brayshaw, it’s almost a big enough deterrent for players not to do it again, when you look at what Gaff’s gone through.”

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