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‘I’m not here to motivate players’: David Teague sheds light on yesterday’s win

In his first week at the top David Teague has delivered a promising start to the back-half of the Blues season.

Carlton’s caretaker coach told Sunday Sport he has a different coaching philosophy and was proud of the boys for getting the job done.

“I believe really good coaches have the ability to get their players up week after week,” Teague said.

“More importantly really good players should drive themselves as individuals.

“I’m not here to motivate them.

“Putting on the jumper and running out in front of thousands of fans should be motivation enough.

“I want them to have pride in their own performance.”

With only a six day turnaround Teague felt the need to release players mentally from Bolton’s game play.

“I learnt very quickly, you need to just let players play.”

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