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‘I’m so over it’: Dee Dee says the decluttering trend has gone too far 

The minimalist lifestyle, spurred on by the Marie Kondo tidying craze, has reached fever point.

Ikea Australia is advertising 10 new rules for ‘tidy technicians’, who will be paid $150 an hour to declutter and organise homes across the country.

But Dee Dee says it’s gone to far.

“I am so over this Marie Kondo clean out, declutter way of life. I have had it with it!,” the 3AW Afternoons host said.

“I think everyone should just relax and enjoy living in your home with all your things around you.

“I’m not suggesting get into the realms of hoarding, but what is so wrong, if you’ve got the room in the cupboard, with keeping all those t-shirts?”

Dee Dee says the trend is wasteful, and it’s erasing our history.

“I think we’re destroying our social history,” she said.

“My husband has a little a bag in our dressing room that he calls his bag of life, and every time we go to something, no matter how small … he puts the tickets into the bag.

“If we’re Marie Kondo-ing our lives to pieces we’re going to lose all that stuff, it won’t be kept. Where will be the records of how we lived? There will just be Instagram photos and no actual physical things!”

Stylist Chyka Keebaugh agrees.

“If you start stripping all of that back, what have you got? You’re living in an empty box with not much there,” she said.

“It’s gone too far.”

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