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Infectious diseases expert weighs in on whether Stage 4 should be extended

An infectious diseases expert has cast doubt on the need to extend Melbourne’s Stage 4 restrictions.

It comes after panic across the state following the leak of a roadmap document, which the state government says is an out of date draft, indicating Stage 4 would be extended by two weeks to September 28.

Infectious diseases expert at the Australian National University, Professor Peter Collignon, said he’s “not sure” if the plan outlined in the document, is appropriate.

“How much extra Stage 4 gave to Stage 3, I think, is always difficult to unravel,” he told Ross and Russel.

Professor Collignon said some restrictions will be necessary until a COVID-19 vaccine is found, but he doesn’t think they need to be as strict as Stage 4.

“There’s no doubt you need restrictions to stop this transmitting … but at the end of the day a lot of the transmission has occurred in households … and also in workplaces,” he said.

“Those things might have as much effect on getting the curve to keep on coming down, rather than stringent lockdowns.

“I think you can achieve the same result without such harsh restrictions, look at Perth, look at Adelaide.”

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