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‘Innocent men are going to get shot in the head’ line vindicates Neil Mitchell’s concerns

As Neil Mitchell feared, the thirst for blood following revelations surrounding the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Don Burke has reached such a point some don’t even care if innocent men are burned in the process.

Fairfax columnist Phil Barker has been called into question for the following paragraph he wrote on the matter.

“So there’s no way around it. Some innocent men are going to get shot in the head. So be it. Because in the process hundreds more will be held to account for their actions.”

Neil Mitchell wasn’t impressed. 

“That’s nonsense,” he said.

“That is nonsense.

“Yes, these sleazebags and worse have to be exposed and dealt with – I have no problem with that – but to say innocent men are going to be ‘shot in the head’ and that’s acceptable and exposed for things they didn’t do? That is totally wrong.

“It undermines the whole campaign.”

The offending paragraph has since been removed from the article.

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