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Neil Mitchell’s warning as media declares Don Burke allegations ‘just the beginning’ of campaign

Neil Mitchell says those out to expose sex pests and influential abusers could undermine the whole movement if an innocent person is “burned” in the process.

It comes after the ABC and Fairfax Media warned the allegations surrounding Don Burke were just the beginning of a campaign that would target the behaviour of several famous Australians.

Neil Mitchell said anybody who had acted criminally in the past deserved to be punished, but also called for calm.

“Anybody found guilty of assault of any sort, no matter when it was, should be accountable,” Neil Mitchell made clear on Tuesday.

“But these things do have a habit of getting out of hand.

“Innocent people can be burned in the enthusiasm to expose the sleazebags and sex creeps, so I hope they use some common sense and some caution here.

“You wouldn’t want to see somebody destroyed for a stupid comment they made when they were 18 and that can happen in a McCarthyist atmosphere.

“Go after the bad guys, yes, of course, but with a bit of care and a bit of responsibility.”

Neil Mitchell then went on to slam Burke over his “unconvincing” defence of himself on A Current Affair.

“Don Burke made a fool of himself,” he said.

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