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‘It just went from worse to worse’: Frank Costa reflects on Bomber Thompson

Geelong’s ex-President says he’d be very pleased to offer help to Bomber Thompson should he reach out.

Frank Costa told 3AW Football he has phoned the troubled ex-coach but was greeted with nothing but silence.

“Cookie’s done the same too,” said Costa.

“We’ve left messages on his phone but he has gone right into his shell, as he does.”

Costa reminisced on his time at Geelong and all he did for the club in his years as coach.

“I feel terribly sad about it, he was a fine young man when we got him down at Geelong.

“He did a great job and was a wonderful coach, the players absolutely loved him.

“In my opinion, Mark went off the rails when he broke up with his family.

“It just went from worse to worse.”

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