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Jeff Kennett says media were ‘out to get’ league boss in fiery pre-game interview

Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett has clarified the nature of his apology after his “new arrivals” comment in a fiery interview on 3AW Football.

Kennett made headlines after he labelled venue security ill-equipped to handle AFL crowds, questioning their ethnic background.

He later backed away from those comments.

The Hawthorn president launched a scathing attack directed at the media, saying he believed they were “out to get” the under-fire league boss.

“I have never seen anything so reprehensible by the media, they were after Gil,” he said on 3AW.

“I can’t stand how they become so focused on pulling things down rather than building things up.

“I apologised because I felt sorry for Gillon because of the way the pack went after him and continue to go after him.”

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