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Jimmy Bartel responds to latest twist in AFL drugs policy debate

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Geelong great Jimmy Bartel says there will always be players trying to “beat” the AFL’s illicit drugs policy, no matter what that policy is.

The current system has come under intense scrutiny of late, with a controversial mental health aspect of the policy claimed to give players a way of “cheating” the system and avoiding punishment.

Speaking on 3AW, Bartel said people needed to remember the model was based on the welfare of players, not naming and shaming.

But he disputed claims drug-taking was “rife” and “out of control” as some former players and coaches had suggested.

“No, I think it’s a reflection of society,” Bartel said.

“There’s 700 players aged between 18 and 35 – they are going to take risks.

“No matter what system you put in place there’s always going to be somebody who’ll try and beat the system.”

Bartel also shared strong views about the latest incident of racial abuse on social media aimed at Eddie Betts.

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