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AFL takes ‘full responsibility’ for score review errors after another blunder

The AFL have admitted they have work to do correct the ‘significant’ errors around its score review system.

The system failed for the third time in two weeks last night during the second quarter of Geelong’s win over Richmond on Friday night.

Jack Higgins appeared to have snapped a goal in the second quarter, only for the score review system to award a behind.

Replays later showed it was a clear goal, with the definitive camera angle not being available to the review official once again.

Football operations boss Steve Hocking says the league is committed to stamping out the errors currently plaguing the system.

“In the last fortnight, there have been significant errors made during score reviews that have undermined the confidence of our clubs and the football public in the system,” Hocking said in a statement released on Saturday afternoon.

“The AFL acknowledges that our players, our clubs and our fans are incredibly frustrated by each mistake, and we take full responsibility for them.

“We are committed to ensuring we have the best process and technology available and over the last few months have been examining all possible alternative to improve the score review system.”