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Landlords warned to check their insurance after out-of-control party

Homeowners who are tempted to rent out their property as a weekender or for short-term stays are being urged to check the fineprint on their insurance policies.

A Footscray homeowner was told she wasn’t covered after renting out her property via, only for it to be trashed by more than 100 people who gatecrashed a party.

Property lawyer with Henderson & Ball, Justin Lawrence, told Tom Elliott they’re seeing more clients with similar experiences.

“We’re seeing it quite a bit,” he said.

“Landlords are going away for say two or three months overseas and renting their property.

“Unbeknownst to them, it’s going from hand to hand over that time.

“We continually say that you should have them on a residential tenancy lease, inform your insurer and make sure there’s a condition in the lease that says it won’t be an AirBnb type arrangement.”

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