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Leigh Matthews has a theory as to why Chris Scott said Richmond ‘were better last year’

Leigh Matthews says he wonders whether Chris Scott said Richmond weren’t as good as last season in a bid to convince his own players about their chances of stunning the Tigers on Friday night.

It’d be a major shock if the Cats were to beat Richmond in the preliminary final.

Speaking earlier this week, Scott said he felt his team was in better shape now than when they entered last season’s finals series.

But he also said he thought Richmond wasn’t as good.

“Firstly, I disagree with him,” Matthews said on 3AW.

“Most of the time you’re trying to build up the opposition.

“Maybe this is the ‘if it bleeds, we can kill it’ game.

“Richmond have been going so well, he’s got to try and convince his Geelong players they’re not that good.”

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