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Leigh Matthews says these six coaches will be feeling pressure in 2020

Leigh Matthews says John Worsfold is the coach under the most pressure in season 2020.

The AFL great listed the six coaches he felt would be feeling the heat this year.

And it’s for a variety of reasons.

While his job is safe and secure, Matthews said Chris Fagan would be feeling internal pressure because of the success the Lions had last season.

But it’s Essendon’s coach who can’t win in 2020, says Lethal.

“When you’ve got a succession plan … if Essendon plays well, it’ll be (Ben) Rutten’s influence, but if they don’t go so well … the ‘install the new coach’ calls come,” Matthews said.

“It’s not so much about John himself.”

Matthews said he could not understand why Port Adelaide had publicly declared it was finals or bust for Ken Hinkley this year.

“I can’t work out how they think it’s going to be helpful,” he said.

“He’s going to be under incredible scrutiny all year.

“What do you achieve?”

Leigh Matthews says these six coaches will be feeling pressure…

  1. John Worsfold
  2. Ken Hinkley
  3. Simon Goodwin
  4. David Teague
  5. Chris Scott
  6. Chris Fagan

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