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Leigh Matthews urges Brad Scott to take a year off football

Leigh Matthews is urging Brad Scott to take a year off before pursuing his next coaching role.

Rather than transitioning straight into a new head coaching position in 2020, Matthews said Scott should take a sabbatical before returning in 2021.

“Brad shouldn’t coach next year, he should take a gap year,” he told 3AW Football.

“I reckon second time coaches are always better but I think someones it helps to gap between being involved in a club so you can go to the footy and observe it.

“The coach you want can’t be headhunted, going and poaching a coach from another club is against coaching philosophy.

“Anyone who is currently coaching a club, they shouldn’t be entertained to go elsewhere.

“If I was the club, I’d be looking for a coach that has senior experience.”

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