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Leigh Matthews wonders if footy fans are being ‘played as suckers’

Leigh Matthews wonders if footy fans are being played for fools.

It comes after the NRL confidently flagged May 28 as a return date, despite the coronavirus pandemic shutting down most of Australia.

And there’s talk the AFL is seriously considering a quarantine “hub” for clubs to get its own season going.

“I’m beginning to think we’re being played as suckers, the public,” Lethal said on Sportsday.

“I reckon the football competitions, both the AFL and NRL, are deliberately leaking stuff just to keep us talking about the sport.

“They could not possibly have any idea when they’re going to play, because this has to be ticked off by the government, clearly, so they’ve got no idea, I wouldn’t have thought.”

Lethal said he wasn’t convinced there’d be any footy any time soon.

“The Prime Minister keeps saying the restrictions are likely to be in place for months, maybe six months, and our sports keep saying ‘but yeah, we think we might be playing in two months’ – I think it’s a very optimistic view being trotted out in the public,” he said.

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