The Lions win in a final minute thriller but not without controversy

What a finish!

It was goal-for-goal into the final minutes of the quarter, but in the end the Lions took the win by two goals.

For Brisbane, they might just snap their decade-long finals drought, but only after North Melbourne took them on a run for the win.

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Half-time and North Melbourne are sitting comfortably in front by 19 points.

Mason Wood wrapped up the first half with a cracking goal on the siren for North!

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Tonight will be another difficult test for the Lions, after two wins on the road can they back it up at home?

A win tonight would give them a huge advantage to slide into the top four.

For the Kangaroos, tonight is a must-win if they want any hope of a September campaign.

Their form has been terrific for the past seven weeks despite last weeks slip to Essendon in the final seconds.

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