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Effort and grit push St Kilda to a win

Brett Ratten remains undefeated in his interim roll at the Saints.

Goodwin will have the answering to do after tonight’s messy match at Marvel where the Dees fell short by…

For as bad as their skills have been tonight, St Kilda were been the side to beat.

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It’s not been the prettiest of games, in fact, the play tonight has been down right ugly.

The Saints fell short in the first quarter but came out and dominated in the second.

But St Kilda will be disappointed that they failed to convert at critical moments.

Membrey, Clark and Acres all failed to convert for the Saints and unfortunately the scoreboard reflected it as Melbourne lead by three points.

They’ll need to come out and establish their dominance in the next term if they want any hope of winning.

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There’s a lot to prove tonight from both sides

Whilst finals may not be on the cards for either side, a win could bring much needed positivity for both as they roll into the off season.

St Kilda come off the back of a win through the newly appointed interim coach, Brett Ratten, but win tonight could shack the new-coach-first-win superstition for the Saints.

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