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Lloydy shares an old story from Essendon involving a few slabs, a bus trip and karaoke!

It’s emerged Adelaide players and officials gathered at coach Don Pyke’s home for “pizza and beers” on Sunday to address their current form woes.

And it brought back an old memory for Matthew Lloyd.

The Essendon great said Kevin Sheedy pulled a similar stunt in 2003 to try and liven things up when the Bombers were struggling.

He arrived at training to find a bus with a “few slabs” on board.

And there was a karaoke machine, too.

“You either had to tell a joke or sing a karaoke song,” Lloyd explained on 3AW.

“Everyone had to do it.

“I remember driving on the bus on the way back … I didn’t have a drink, because it’s not what I wanted to do during the week, but some blokes were heading for the toilets because they’d drunk too much on the windy roads on the way back.”

And it worked!

“I thought we’d be no chance, but unbelievably we won that week,” Lloyd said on Sportsday.

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