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Lockdown rules: Victoria’s COVID-19 restrictions were tweaked at midnight

Victoria’s COVID-19 lockdown rules changed slightly overnight.

Some restrictions have been relaxed slightly in response to public feedback, while greater clarity has been provided around some less clear restrictions.

Here’s what’s changed:

  • Places of worship can now operate to hold live-streamed ceremonies

This means churches may hold live or pre-recorded Easter services. Only people who are conducting and facilitating the streaming of the service may attend.

Previously, places of worship were not allowed to operate in any capacity.

  • Roadhouses can now open for heavy vehicle truck drivers

Roadhouses with dedicated areas for heavy vehicle truck drivers may allow drivers to stop in that area for food, drink and a break for up to one hour. Drivers must abide by physical distancing restrictions.

  • Piercing parlours must close

Piercing parlours have been added to the list of beauty and personal care facilities which must close.  Spray-tanning, waxing and nail salons, tattoo parlours, and spa and massage parlours providing relaxation massages are already on that list.

  • You can take your child to someone else’s house for child minding

An amendment to the lockdown restrictions has been made to correct a lack of clarity around child minding.

You can take your child to someone else’s house for care, either paid or voluntary, by a friend, a relative, a sitter or a childcare service, if you are required to leave the home for: food and supplies, medical care, care giving, exercise, work or education.

A friend, relative or nanny may also attend your home for the purpose of providing childcare.

Full details on Victoria’s lockdown restrictions are available HERE.

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