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Lord Mayor reveals fate of proposed safe injecting room near Queen Victoria Market

The proposed supervised injecting room near the Queen Victoria Market is unlikely to go ahead, Lord Mayor Sally Capp has revealed.

Ms Capp told Neil Mitchell the community has made it “absolutely clear” how they feel about the proposed site.

“It’s not preferred by the community and traders, so the debate has really moved on in terms of finding the most appropriate site,” she said.

Ms Capp says she “doesn’t think it’s the appropriate site”.

Neil Mitchell: So it’s not going to be built there?

Sally Capp: I don’t think so.

The City of Melbourne has a 299 year lease over the proposed site for the facility on Victoria Street in the CBD, so has the power to knock back the proposal.

Councillors will back a second motion put by Deputy Lord Mayor Arron Wood, pushing for the state government to find another location.

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Deputy Lord Mayor moves to reject new supervised injecting room site