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Luke Parker reckons this Swan should be in the All Australian mix


Luke Parker thinks George Hewett’s name should be thrown into the All Australian mix.

Hewett has done several important stopping roles for the Swans this season, which Parker says have been a large factor in the club’s 14 wins.

He told Sunday Sport people focus too much on stats in the All Australian conversation.

“They probably don’t look as much at the influence a person has on the game,” Parker said.

“If you look in terms of the reason why a team wins, then you start throwing those names in there, like Georgie.

“Just because of how much he impacts a game and how much his contribution is valued inside the club.”

Parker also said Alex Johnson is continuing to inspire his teammates despite his shattering injury last week.

“He’s the one who supports us half the time,” he said.

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Photo: Julian Smith / AAP