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Man abused by Christian Brothers in WA awarded $1 million compensation

The lawyer who helped John* win an apology and $500,000 compensation from Trinity Grammar has told of another win he’s had representing clients who have suffered sexual abuse as children.

Michael Magazaink from Rightside Legal told Neil just overnight his client Paul Bradshaw was awarded $1 million and an apology for abuse he suffered 60 years ago at the hands of the Christian Brothers in WA.

Paul was taken from his mother as a baby and at 7-years-old was sent to one of the four Christian Brothers orphanages in Western Australia.

“These places were among the most dangerous and worst places on the planet for children,” Michael said.

“They were a magnet for the most violent, paedophilic Christian Brothers.

“The Royal Commission has looked at this, there was literally hundreds of children abused in those institutions.

“And Paul was one of them.”

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“He was abused by three, the worst of whom had 10 years before he ever got to Paul, had been reported for child abuse,” Michael said.

“He was incredibly brave, he reported the abuse twice when he was in those institutions and was disbelieved, told he was dreaming.”

Now 76, Paul has advanced prostate cancer and only six months to live.

“Its transformational, he feels vindicated and believed,” Michael said.

“He talked yesterday about going to his grave happy.”

Michael said he’s representing 60 other men from those Perth institutions, and nearly 150 across Perth and Melbourne.

“Paul’s showed them it’s possible,” Michael said.

“They have legally bullied these men for decades.

“There are 300 or 400 men who will be considering their options against the Christian Brothers.”