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Man claims CityLink have registered account to 8-month-old granddaughter

CityLink have made recent changes to their accounts system, as detailed by Transurban boss Wes Ballantine to Neil Mitchell last week.

But 3AW listener Grant told Neil today there has been a hiccup with the new accounts – and the company’s response was hard to believe.

Grant said he lives in a small country town and only uses CityLink twice a year to visit relatives.

“There was a letter for my granddaughter which I thought was a bit strange so I called my daughter,” Grant said.

“I opened it up and it says ‘Hi Grant’s granddaughter, your CityLink account is now Linkt’.

“I got one of those too,” Neil said.

“Only one small hitch Neil, she’s eight-months-old,” Grant replied.

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Upon contacting CityLink and explaining the child is just eight-months-old, Grant says the call-taker said he couldn’t do anything about it without speaking to the person who the account is registered under – who can’t talk or walk yet.

“He says no worries, can I have her email address,” Grant said.

“Then oh ok, what’s her mobile number? Unless they talk to her personally, they can’t do anything about it.”