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Mark Thompson reveals true toll of drug use as he fights ’embarrassing’ drug charges

Decorated AFL identity Mark Thompson has spoken about his drug use as he took to the witness stand to fight drug trafficking charges.

The two-time premiership coach admits he was using the drug ice in the months leading up to a police raid on his Port Melbourne home.

He said he smoked “too much” and used drugs to “mask the pain” of his life.

Thompson said he was still not over the Essendon supplements saga and “hated” football.

The former Bomber star said he was a drug taker and never intended to sell.

He said it was “embarrassing” to be named a drug trafficker.

At one point during the hearing he paused and said: “I can’t believe I’m saying this”.

Thompson is fighting three drug trafficking charges and four of possession after drugs were allegedly found in his Port Melbourne home during police raids in January 2018.