Matt Granland joins Melbourne’s number one radio footy team


Matt Granland is the newest addition to Melbourne’s top-rating football commentary team.

One of the game’s most popular callers, Granland will broadcast Saturday night matches for 3AW Football.

Granland brings over two decades of award-winning experience – and a voice known fondly as the “golden tonsils” – to the 3AW team.

He joins a star-studded team that hasn’t changed much over the off-season, having finished #1 for football for a third consecutive season.

The big names include:

  • Matthew Lloyd
  • Caroline Wilson
  • Leigh Matthews
  • Jimmy Bartel
  • Matthew Richardson
  • Cameron Ling
  • Mick Warner
  • Tim Lane
  • Tony Leonard
  • Daniel Harford
  • Tiff Cherry
  • Tony Shaw
  • Bruce Eva
  • Dwayne Russell
  • Shane McInnes
  • Nat Edwards
  • Nick Butler