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Matthew Lloyd responds to Chris Scott’s jibe at ‘ex-players from the 90s’


Matthew Lloyd has responded to criticism of the media by Geelong coach Chris Scott.

Scott had said ex-players in the media don’t understand the modern game when it comes to players taking set shots around their body, rather than with a drop punt.

It comes after several high-profile misses from players who opted against drop punts, including St Kilda’s Jack Billings, who missed from the top of the goal square on Friday night.

But Lloyd told 3AW Football he doesn’t mind what kick players use as long as they have a plan and stick to it.

“I watched goal-kicking at the Bombers,” he said.

“There’s too many players that, if I went to them and said ‘I’ll place on this position on the ground, what kick are you going to do?’

“You should know what kick you should take on every patch of grass.

“At the moment, I see players inventing kicks.

“Jack Billings’ last night was through a lack of confidence.’

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