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Matthew Lloyd says AFL “can’t possibly” try new rules in official games

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AFL great Matthew Lloyd says he “can’t believe” the league is considering trialling new rules in matches later this season.

And he’s not alone. Leigh Matthews and Cameron Ling are also strongly opposed to the idea.

AFL boss Gillon McLachlan revealed on Wednesday the league was discussing whether or not it would try potential rule changes in games involving clubs out of the race for finals.

The comment left Lloyd stunned.

“I can’t believe Gillon has floated this one,” he said on 3AW Mornings.

“This is the same Gillon McLachlan who introduced a bye after Round 23 because he was so disappointed teams were resting players before finals and he wasn’t happy we weren’t having the best teams out there, yet he’s happy to toy with the rules and integrity of the game late in the season himself? I think it’s really contradictory.”

Lloyd pointed out the strength of this year’s draft group, questioning whether the rule changes could impact percentages and ultimately the draft order.

“They can’t possibly do this,” he said.

Leigh Matthews, meanwhile, told Macquarie Sports Radio it would “demean the game”.

Geelong great Cameron Ling said “every game mattered”.

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