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McLachlan defends controversial umpiring decision

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AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan is standing firm following Dane Rampe’s decision to shake the goal post during the dying stages of Friday night’s match at the MCG.

As David Myers was taking his kick after the siren from outside 50 in an attempt to seal a last-gasp Essendon win, Rampe appeared to climb onto the post and rattle it.

Under AFL rules, players aren’t allowed to intentionally shake the goal post.

But McLachlan said controlling umpire Andre Gianfagna made a “practical” decision not to award Essendon a free kick on the goal line after the siren which would have won them the game.

“The technical assessment of the umpires I’ll leave to the footy department and the umpiring,” he told 3AW Football.

“There are instances where someone is technically infringing the law but they are given a warning.

“It feels like practical umpiring that he was given a warning and that he stood down (off the goal post).

“It felt to me it was pretty pragmatic, feel-for-the-game umpiring.”

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