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Melbourne lobby group insists ratepayers’ money could be better spent if councils were better aligned

A lobby group insists ratepayers’ money could be better spent, if the role of councils were better aligned.

Committee For Melbourne is pushing for a review of the local government system, with aims of potentially creating a “greater Melbourne council” or a handful of main councils.

CEO Martine Letts has told 3AW’s Tom Elliott, community services would be better managed and directed to the appropriate agency.

“Our population is going to double by 2050, those are the predictions. By 2050 we’re talking eight million plus,” said Ms Letts.

“We have already systems and infrastructure groaning under the weight of the fact that people want to come and live here, which is a great thing because it is a city that is obviously very desirable.”

Tom says, “Why don’t we bite the bullet and say Melbourne is this city, lets have a council that represents all of Melbourne.”

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