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Neil Mitchell and Melbourne mayor debate reporting of street gangs

Melbourne mayor Sally Capp has had a fiery debate with Neil Mitchell on the issue of ethnic-based crime in Melbourne.

In her regular segment on 3AW Mornings, she was asked about whether there is a problem with African gangs.

It follows the Prime Minister’s comments to Neil on Tuesday.

“I guess what is concerning is if people like the Prime Minister want to make general statements about safety in Melbourne that they focus on a particular part of the community as creating that fear, I don’t think that’s right.”

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Ms Capp said it was disproportionately covered by the media, and the had Prime Minister’s comments this week fuelled it.

Neil: Lord mayor we have had in the studio various Sudanese leaders who have been saying to me we have a problem, help us fix it.

Sally Capp: And that’s what we are all trying to do, but they are not the only problem in relation to safety.

Neil: No one is saying they are.

Sally Capp: All right, I’ll take that, let’s move on. 

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